Mura Badulgal (Torres Strait Islanders) RNTBC is located on Badu Island and administers land on behalf of the Badulgal people. The Badulgal people’s ownership of Badu and surrounding islands in the Torres Strait was recognised in the Native Title Determination Badu Islanders #1.

This determination arose out of a claim of native title filed in June 1996. Dan Sagigi (Snr), a traditional Badulaig elder, was the original applicant in this claim made on behalf of the people of Badu Island in the Torres Strait. Following the death of Mr Sagigi in July 2002, Mr Victor Nona proceeded as the named applicant on behalf of the Badulgal.

This claim was successfully negotiated between the parties after the decision in Erubum Le Vs State of Queensland which found that some infrastructure developments extinguished native title. This decision motivated the parties to negotiate in order to recognise native title. All parties agreed to recognise the Badulgal peoples right to:

  • Exclusive possession of the land
  • Non-exclusive use of the water and things within for personal, domestic and non-commercial communal needs.

This agreement was recognised and affirmed by the Federal Court in 2005. In approving the recognition, The Mura Badulgal (TSI) RNTBC also administers three Indigenous Land Use Agreements between the Badulgal people and the Commonwealth, Telstra and Ergon Energy.

Most of the work carried out by the PBC occurs on a voluntary basis.

All three community groups, Badu, Aragun and Wakaid are representated by the PBC.

RNTBC Administration

Indigenous Corporation Number: 3720
Date of Incorporation: 8 February 2001
Number of Members: 279 (as at 4/11/13)