Executive Officer's Report - Peter Gadsby

CEO Peter Gadsby
CEO Peter Gadsby

Typically of many PBC’s, Mura Badulgal (TSI) Corporation RNTBC is under resourced to properly administer its functions for members and Traditional Owners of the corporation.

Recognising this dilemma and through foresight of respective board members of the PBC and Badu Island Foundation Ltd it was decided to share executive administrative services from the writer as CEO of the Foundation. This arrangement was formalised in a Memorandum of Understanding signed off on 8 June 2011. To date, this has given the PBC a functional permanent office and with funding support from Torres Strait Regional Authority, office equipment to match those needs.

The board and directors have invested considerable time with negotiations to and from all stakeholders in respect of the Badu Island Deed of Grant in Trust (DOGIT). As this matter is now reaching a conclusion with an imminent transfer date of the DOGIT for early in 2014, the resultant activity of the Mura Badulgal office will be greatly increased.

The directors and executive staff will be required to deliver significant input into not only managing existing day to day issues regarding land and customary laws but the added duties of Trustee of the land. These duties will include the management of leases for commercial and non commercial uses and to the allocation of land for future infrastructure and housing needs.

To this end, Mura Badulgal is seeking to become the community housing provider for Badu and if it does so, significant workload will be expected on the organisation for this economic development activity.

The future for Mura Badulgal is for a busy organisation, requiring appropriate office accommodation and personnel to manage the organisations activities.

The challenge is before us to establish a solid footing to deliver the needs and aspirations of the community from our people within, rather than reliance from external organisations and agencies.