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Before Christmas we were given a date by the Department of Natural Resources and Mines to host the DOGIT transfer celebrations on 1 February 2014. During this short time a Handover committee was established to plan and prepare this day. Despite the gloomy weather it did not dampen our spirits and we would like to thank the committee (Solomon Ahmat, Barry Nona, Dick Williams, Leah Reuben, Troy Stow, Joel Morseu, Lily Ahmat, Josie Ahmat, Cr Horace Baira, Michael Laza, Eccles Ahmat, Marie Nona and Eddie Nona) and all those involved in making this historic and significant day a success. Special mention to our contributors in particular the Department of Natural Resources and Mines, Torres Strait Island Regional Council, Seaswift, Jamie Yorkston and My Pathways. The volunteers who offered their valuable time Matlida Nona, Young Enosa, My Pathway participants, Paul Tomsana, Bishop Tolowa Nona, Singers and Dancers of Badu Island Dance Team, Nancy Nona, Elsie Ahmat, Tupoa Ahmat, Harry Newie, Sarah Gaidan, Waikup Morseu, Aiona Morseu, Elizabeth Hosea, Bernie Joe, Willy Baira, Johnny Baira, Palen Kris, Brad Pabai, TSRA Mura Badulgal Rangers, Horace Nona and all those who assisted with the hunting, cooking and amai.

Consent to Tranfer Meeting

A meeting was held last 11 December 2013 where consent was given by the Badulgal People to enter into an Indigenous Land Use Agreement (ILUA) for the transfer of Badu Island to the trusteeship of the Mura Badulgal (TSI) Corporations RNTBC under the Torres Strait Islander Land Act 1991.